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Get your pack on

We’ve got the gear you need to train for your backcountry hunt.

Stop wasting time with
sandbags and rocks.

With the Packout Trainer, you can ditch your homemade fixes and spend more time preparing for the PACKOUT.

About Packout Trainer

Success is a heavy pack.

Our Packout Trainer gets you ready to pack out your animal with something that weighs, moves, and feels like the real thing. Train for your next kill with precision and skill.


8 lbs. empty, up to 115 lbs with sand. Just under 1 cu.ft. capacity for dry material.


36 inches tall, 13.5 inches at its widest, and 8 inches thick.


Simulates the shape, size, and feel of a big game hind quarter.

Training Capabilities

Wear it with your hunting pack to train. Fill it with 30-50 lbs of lighter materials like rubber landscaping mulch for your weekly training, or with up to 115 lbs of sand if you’re ready for a heavier pack that simulates the real-life packout.

Success starts when you’ve got a heavy pack to bring back to the truck. Get prepared to haul it back and finish the job with the Packout Trainer.

Get your pack on

Made with heavy plastic for rugged durability during training.

Join a movement of like minded men who won’t settle for anything less than training gear that gets them ready for the real-life experience of the packout.

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Are you ready for the PACKOUT?

You worked hard to get to the trophy shot. Get the tools so your legs are ready to haul it home.

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