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We’ve all been there.

You spend all this money for a once-in-a-lifetime hunt. You triple-checked to make sure you had all your gear. You pack all the way in ‘til it’s just God’s country.

Then finally, you land the big one. You get up close, and that’s when you realize just how big he is. Then you remember where you parked your truck. 

Packout Strong believes there’s only one ending to that epic story, and it involves you hucking all that meat into the back of your truck with sore legs, sweat dripping from your hat, and a smile that comes from refusing to quit. 

And we’ve got the gear so you’re ready to meet the challenge with grit and determination.

We're up before the sun rises. Here's why.


We believe adventure is a core element of a fulfilling life. Our modern lifestyle can become predictable and routine, so we strive to make the outdoors accessible. Hard things make the best memories, and we equip people to prepare for their next great adventure! 


What we work for is what is most fulfilling and creates the best stories. We push hunters to have their best hunt, by giving them the tools they need to succeed. A pack-out requires strength and perseverance and we show them it’s possible for them. 


Success is achieved through preparation. Our company was founded on the principle that a successful pack out will come with the right training. We provide a tool that adequately prepares a hunter for the real-life experience of packing out from a hunt with an elk’s hind quarter.

Food Sustainability

We encourage hunting, fishing, and trapping as excellent sustainable food options. There is no fresher way to get organic meat than hunting for it yourself. Through education and how-to information, we show the benefits of hunting, fishing, and trapping as a regular part of a modern lifestyle.


We believe in the freedom given to us as Americans. Hunting is a foundational endeavor that originates to the beginning of our country. We work to protect and embrace the freedom to hunt. 


Packout Strong believes hard experiences make the best memories. We prepare backcountry hunters for success in the field with products that simulate the toughest part of the hunt—the packout. With proper training, a hunter’s success will become his epic story to tell family and friends.

Work hard. Be prepared. Slay the packout.

I’m a simple man. I love my family, big game, and the feeling you get when you finally throw it into the truck.

I had enough buddies tell me about how they were throwing sandbags and rocks into their bag to train to pack their game out.

You shouldn’t have to do that. You work hard. You invest time, money, and sweat for backcountry hunts you’ll remember forever. You owe it to yourself to get something that simulates the real experience of carrying a big game’s hind quarters on your back.

I’m driven to help other men who love the hunt but need to get their body ready to pack it out and bring it back home to their family and friends. There’s nothing better than field-to-fork meals that you made happen.

When I’m not scheming up the next hunt, I’m at home with my wife Jolene and 3 kids Everly, Renin, and Hux, running a chiropractic clinic with my dad, and roaming God’s Creation out in west North Dakota and beyond.

Come connect with me on Instagram, or send me an email and say hi.


Kyle Ceynar

Success starts when you’ve got a heavy pack to bring back to the truck. Get prepared to haul it back and finish the job with the Packout Trainer.

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