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What is a successful packout anyway?

It takes focus and preparation to get ready for the challenge of the packout. Learn about the tools and resources at your disposal so you can achieve success.



I’m well-versed in all the training resources out there – but these are my favorite.


If you want workouts that’ll teach you grit and determination, you can’t do much better than MTNTOUGH. Their online training programs were made by former Navy SEALs, Army Rangers, and renowned physical trainers, so they prepare you for the toughest challenges you’ll face out in the backcountry. Bonus? You can do plenty of the workouts from home.

Train to Hunt

I value training that’s focused on getting me ready for the real thing. Train to Hunt provides paid workout challenges with a laser-sharp focus on functional training for the challenges of hunting.


You heard it right. MTNTough and Train to Hunt are excellent resources to guide your training, but nothing replaces you loading up a heavy pack – with your Packout Trainer in tow, of course – and putting in the miles, whether at home or on your local trails.

Don't make excuses. Give it your all. Show up when you're supposed to show up. Speak your mind. Own up to your mistakes. Think with perspective. This is how you live a life worth remembering.




It’s easy to get so hyped on the training itself that you miss out on the nutrition your body needs to recover, build muscle, and stay in peak shape.


I prefer nutrition that’s geared for my hunting goals, and MTNOPS is the leader of the pack. From training to recovery to the hunt itself, they’ve got all the supplements you’d want.


This nutrient supports healthy bones, tendons, ligaments, and other connective tissues throughout your body. If you’re serious about heavy pack training, collagen is a worthwhile investment in the health of your knees and ankles.


This one is an excellent and all-natural anti-inflammatory. Heavy pack training can cause joint inflammation. Turmeric is one way to combat it.

Killing is a tiny part of hunting. It is an entire process. It’s a lifestyle.


I like staying close to home for my hunts – the less time I’m driving, the more time I’m hunting and mastering the area, plus it’s easier to draw tags when it’s your home state. But I’ve seen my fair share of hunting spots, and here are my favorites.

Little Missouri National Grasslands

This one’s my favorite. At over 1 million acres, it’s the largest grassland in the country and provides an endless amount of public land hunting, filled with colorful badlands and rugged terrain. It’s the perfect habitat for mule deer, and also hosts several herds of bighorn sheep.

Upper Missouri Breaks

This is my preferred spot if I’m hunting in Montana. It consists of badlands areas with rock outcroppings, steep bluffs, and grassy plains that appear to “break away” to the river. A good spot for elk, deer, and sheep.

Bridger-Teton National Forest

At a whopping 3.4 million acres, Bridger-Teton Forest is the second largest in America with endless room to roam. The best part? Wyoming gives non-residents a shot at elk hunting.



There’s no successful packout unless you’ve got the gear that got you ready from the start. Get the Packout Trainer so you can prepare for your next epic story of bringing the big game home.

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